PGA of BC Committees

To increase involvement with the membership at large, committees have been formed to address specific areas of development for the PGA of British Columbia. The committees, as well as their respective Chairs and members, are listed below.

Tournaments & Captain's Committee
Mark Strong (chair)
Nathan Grieve
Cailean Hourigan
Kat Kennedy
Scott McLeod
Graham Ogden
Kate Weir

Education & Special Events Committee
Padraic O'Rourke (co-chair)
Jared Siminoff (co-chair)

Special Interests/Grow-the-Game Committee & National Intermediary
Derek Orr (chair)

Membership & Employment Committee
Cindy Soukoroff (co-chair)
Mark Lindsay (co-chair)

Awards Committee
Jonathan Kadin (chair)

Strategic Planning & Brand Development Committee
Lindsay Bernakevitch (co-chair)
Bruce Vermee (co-chair)