PGA of BC Committees

To increase involvement with the membership at large, committees have been formed to address specific areas of development for the PGA of British Columbia. The committees, as well as their respective Chairs and members, are listed below.

Membership & Employment
Adam Blair (Co-Chair)
Jordan Ray (Co-Chair)
Mark Strong
Myles Johnson
Steve Haggard

Education & Events
Norman Baufeld (Co-Chair)
Ashley Zibrik (Co-Chair)
Lenny Cyr
Gina Hosie
Mark Thirtle
Derek Whipple

Captain's Committee
Russ Latimer (Chair)
Clark MacPherson
Jeff Palmer
Jason Jurimae
Chris Medford

Bill Kelly (Chair)
Rich Ingle
Brian Schaal
Brian Wise
Michael Van Horne
Gordon Mink

Long Range Planning & Grow the Game
Greg Pool (Co-Chair) 
Jamie Stevens (Co-Chair) 
Mike Cyndroski
Scott Kolb
Cindy Soukoroff
Clay Stothers

Buying Show
Steve Liddicoat (Chair)
Mark Lindsay
Derek Orr
Brice MacDermott
Winston Michell