2022 PGA of BC Championship presented by Axis Insurance

Monday, August 22, 2022 to Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Jake Scarrow (Gorge Vale Golf Club)
2021 PGA of British Columbia Champion 


Wes Doka, Head Professional



(604) 465-5431


Registration Fee: $305 

To be placed on the waitlist please click here.


Entry will be restricted to the first 99 members who meet all PGA of BC Entry Requirements.
Aug. 12, 2022 at 4 p.m. PST

  • Registrants will receive their full entry fee refunded within 10 Days of registering
  • Registrants will be charged a $50 administration fee if withdrawing after 10 Days of registering for an event but 14 Days before the start of the event.
  • Registrants will not be refunded their entry fee if they withdraw from an event after 14 Days before the start of the event, unless the position is filled by another player.*
  • Members who do not have priority into events and are on the waitlist will be notified of any open spots in the event 21 Days before the start of the event.
  • 21 Days before the start of the event registration will be on a first come first serve basis.

**In the case that a waiting list has been created, entry fees may be refunded less a $50 cancellation fee should the position be filled by another player.




6 pts


Golf Casual See here for detailed description.


Open to all members in good standing. When the field is full, priority will be given to those members employed in the golf industry. Members must have held designation for a minimum of 30 days prior to the Championship.


The use of power carts is NOT permitted for this Championship. Medical exemptions permitted.


The scoring format for the PGA of BC Championship is a 36-hole stroke play competition. Scorecards should be returned to the PGA of BC scoring table immediately after completion of play. It is the player's responsibility to ensure there are 18 scores and two signatures on his/her scorecard.


The PGA of BC Championship will be used as an Inter-Zone Team qualifier for the 2022 PGA Head Professional Championship of Canada. The top four finishers with a Head, Executive or Head Teaching Professional designation will represent British Columbia in the Inter-Zone competition at the national tournament. In the event that qualifiers will not participate in the Head Professional, Inter-Zone Team berths will be awarded to the next eligible Professionals. 


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In this competition, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his/her play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3. First breach of Rule 14-3 is a two stroke penalty, any subsequent breach is disqualification. 


Round 1: Starting at 7:30 am
Round 2: Starting at 7:30 am
*Round 2 pairings will be redrawn based on Round 1 scores 


Upon arrival please proceed directly to registration. Please ensure you are at the 1st tee at least 10 minutes before your scheduled tee time. Failure to turn in your scorecard after your round could lead to disqualification. It is the player's responsibility to ensure there are 18 scores and two signatures on his/her scorecard.




Practice rounds will be available Sunday August 21st, after 3pm. Participants are encouraged to book a practice round at least a week before the event. 

Please contact Wes Doka to book your practice round, wdoka@pittmeadowsgolf.com 


Caddies will be permitted


Following second-round play on Tuesday, an awards reception and presentation will take place at Pitt Meadows Golf Club. Attendance is MANDATORY for top-five finishers. Please make every effort to stay until the awards presentation has concluded. Prize checks will be mailed within 5 business days.


Confirmed Participants
  1. Wes Doka, Pitt Meadows Golf Club
  2. Drew Scollon, Point Grey Golf & Country Club
  3. Andy Garcia, Tsawwassen Springs
  4. John Vu, Quilchena Golf & Country Club
  5. Curtis Baldwin, Meadow Gardens Golf Club
  6. Nate Ollis, Cordova Bay Golf Course
  7. Stephanie Wong, Point Grey Golf & Country Club
  8. Troy Kapko, GOLFTEC Richmond
  9. Matt Steinbach, Simon Fraser University
  10. Luke Bogdan, Cheam Mountain Golf Course
  11. Brady Stead, Ledgeview golf Club
  12. Clark MacPherson, Point Grey Golf & Country Club
  13. Jordan Rourke, The Vancouver Golf Club
  14. Matt Cella, Rob Houlding Golf Academy
  15. Kattereya Kennedy, Kelowna Golf & Counrty Club
  16. Cailean Hourigan, Victoria Golf Club
  17. Jake Schuster, Meadow Gardens Golf Club
  18. Larry Park, Seymour Creek Golf Centre
  19. Jamie Stirling, GOLFTEC Coquitlam
  20. Joe Schuster, Fort Langley Golf Course
  21. Benjamin McKendrick, Capilano Golf & Country Club
  22. Craig Barr, Meadow Gardens Golf Club
  23. Dylan Cheyne, Victoria Golf Club
  24. Derek Whipple, Acushnet Canada
  25. Simon Hassel, Highland Pacific Golf
  26. Finlay Young, GOLFTEC Kelowna
  27. Bryn Parry, Seymour Creek Golf Centre
  28. Matthew Steger, Tsawwassen Springs
  29. Lenny Cyr, Seymour Golf & Country Club
  30. Andrew Bentley, Kamloops Golf & Country Club
  31. Lindsay Bernakevitch , Victoria Golf Club
  32. Mark Bicknell, Victoria Golf Club
  33. Shawn Jordan, Shuswap Lake Golf Course
  34. Maxwell Cohen, Langley Golf Centre
  35. Ryan Hunt, University Golf Club
  36. Michael Knight, Lago Golf Academy
  37. Justin Min, University Golf Club
  38. Connor Rosenlund, Seymour Golf & Country Club
  39. Nathan Grieve, Talking Rock Golf Course
  40. Evan Dyki, Royal Colwood Golf Club
  41. Wes Driessen, Sandpiper Golf Course
  42. Scott Cameron, The Redwoods Golf Course
  43. Dave Zibrik, Point Grey Golf & Country Club
  44. Cory Draper, Capilano Golf & Country Club
  45. Ryan Tofani, Chilliwack Golf Club
  46. Sean Ko, Seymour Creek Golf Centre
  47. Cody Bell, Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club
  48. Callum Ashby, Highland Pacific Golf
  49. Mike Haraguchi, Capilano Golf & Country Club
  50. Colin Bykowski, Elite Golf Club
  51. Shingo Akizuki, Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club
  52. Ryan Stugis, GOLFTEC Kelowna
  53. Matthew Palsenbarg, Point Grey Golf & Country Club
  54. Alec Hubert, Kamloops Golf & Country Club
  55. Brian McDonald, Fairview Mountain Golf Club
  56. Tyson Girardet, Victoria Golf Club
  57. Luke McKenzie, Eaglequest Golf Centre at Coquitlam
  58. Jaegan Patron, The Vancouver Golf Club
  59. James Legault, Seymour Creek Golf Centre
  60. Cory Renfrew, Modern Golf Vancouver
  61. Ethan Danish, GOLFTEC Kelowna
  62. Gord Mink, Hi-Knoll Golf Centre
  63. Jeff Buder, University Golf Club
  64. Sergej Dronov, Pacific Golf Academy
  65. Oliver Tubb, Lobb + Partners
  66. Russ Latimer, Black Mountain Golf Club
  67. Kevin Stinson, Cheam Mountain Golf Course
  68. Jesse Crowe, Overlander Golf & Events Centre
  69. Keith Martin, Tower Ranch Golf Club
  70. Lionel Taylor, Talking Rock Golf Course
  71. Michael Grabowski, The Vancouver Golf Club
  72. John Shin, Northview Golf & Country Club
  73. Nate Beauchamp, GOLFTEC South Surrey
  74. Brody St-Martin, Shuswap National
  75. Dave Munn, Shuswap National
  76. Kyle McMurphy, Two Eagles Golf Course & Academy
  77. Dakota Chase, Capilano Golf & Country Club
  78. Rob Tadey, Fairview Mountain Golf Club
  79. Myles Johnson, Hillview Golf Club
  80. Rob Anderson, Kelowna Golf & Country Club
  81. Nigel Sinnott, Cheam Mountain Golf Course
  82. Adam Blair, Vernon Golf Club
  83. Jeff Liddle, Talking Rock Golf Course
  84. Doug Morgan, Richmond Country Club
  85. Padraic O'Rourke, Fairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club
  86. Mewail Kidane, Pacific Golf Academy (Richmond)
  87. Michael Caan, Riverway Golf Course
  88. Rob Boyle, Eaglequest Golf Centre Coquitlam
  89. Jake Scarrow, Gorge Vale Golf Club
  90. Zach Olson, Chilliwack Golf Club
  91. Tyler McKay, British Columbia Golf
  92. Andy Lin, Pacific Golf Academy (Richmond)
  93. Scott McClain, Copper Point Golf Club
  94. Scott Rodgers, Morgan Creek Golf Course
  95. Austin Bosquet, Hillview Golf Club
  96. Gordy Scutt, Victoria Golf Club
  97. Tim Wilson, Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club 
  98. Jimmy Han, Pacific Golf Academy (Richmond)
  99. Jared Siminoff, Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community 
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