Women's Golf Week


The PGA of BC has taken the initiative to spearhead Women's Golf Week. Inspired by the hard working women in our association, the PGA of BC will continue to grow this initiative alongside our presenting sponsor Dexim Golfwear, a women's golf apparel company, to make Women's Golf Week a week to remember throughout BC. Affiliated facilities and PGA Professionals are encouraged to sign up for Women's Golf Day and support the establish network of facilities participating around the globe.


Facilities and PGA Professionals will be hosting events at golf courses throughout B.C. on June 7th such as Wedges and Wine, on course instruction, and speakers to highlight the importance of women's rich history and importance in the sport of golf. The PGA of BC will be highlighting female members for the 7 days of the week (June 1-7) and offering resources to women from beginners to advanced, as well as sharing tournaments and events.


This initiative was started to engage, empower and support girls and women through golf. The PGA of BC strongly believes in supporting women's journey through golf and would like to celebrate women’s importance in golf providing a week where people, irrespective of race, religion, language, ethnicity, or geography, continue to see an increase year after year of women participating and consuming golf in their lives.