Replay Golf Supplies announced as sponsor of new Community Engagement Program

May 7, 2024

RICHMOND, BC (PGA of BC) - The PGA of BC is proud to announce Replay Golf Supplies as title sponsor of the new Community Engagement Program points race: the Replay Golf Supplies Trophy. The Association is grateful for the support of Replay Golf Supplies and owner Lee Burgham as we debut this exciting new program to recognize those professionals who go above and beyond in their communities.

Replay Golf Supplies is a retailer of recycled golf balls at discount costs. Consumers can take advantage of their competitive prices and diverse range of products, including range balls and recycled balls available in a variety of brands, grades and quantities. The company is also proud to provide diving services where their professional ball harvesters will turn errant shots into profits as they collect underwater balls. Replay even offers free lake repairs on liners, sump pumps and intake valves to courses where they harvest balls. Their aim is to provide you with quality products, competitive pricing and superior customer service. The brand has emerged as the largest recycled ball company in Canada while creating and maintaining fantastic relationships with PGA of BC pros.

"The PGA of BC is very appreciative of Lee and Replay Golf Supplies," said Mark Strong, Executive Director of the PGA of BC. "Their support of this new initiative continues Replay's outstanding partnership with the Association, and we feel that the Community Engagement Program will be a great avenue for our members to engage with not only the rest of the industry, but with the golfing public as well."

Launching in 2024, the Replay Golf Supplies Trophy Community Engagement Program aims to recognize golf professionals across British Columbia who prioritize community involvement, public volunteerism, and other charitable efforts. This initiative rewards active involvement in key community events like the Golfathon for ALS, Junior Golf Week and Women’s Golf Week, with points awarded for promoting, participating in, and fundraising for these and other community initiatives.

The program also values broader community involvement, such as volunteer work, engagement in other sports, and various fundraising activities, recognizing the diverse contributions of golf professionals beyond the course. Crucially, the program places a strong emphasis on the use of social media as a powerful tool for professionals to positively promote the PGA of BC, including education events and tournaments.

For more information on the Community Engagement Program, please click here

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