Magnus Booth

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Head Professional
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Why did you become a PGA of Canada Professional?
I originally wanted to be a Tour player and went through the Canadian Tour School in 1977. After having played for 2 years, I took on the job at the Mission Golf Course as the Head Professional and I quickly loved the life of a Club Pro. My income now was a steady one.

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of the PGA of BC?
Going to work everyday knowing that in some way I was going to have a positive impact on someone. As Club Professionals we deal with customers who are usually in a good mood, which makes our jobs that much more enjoyable.

At which golf facility did you first begin working within the industry, and who was the PGA Professional?
Mission Golf Club. In 1977 a person could join our association by transfrring from being a Tour Pro to Head Pro, in a "J" category. So I learned the business on my own.

Who has influenced your career the most, and how?
My parents by providing me the opportunity to chase my dream of becoming a Tour Pro, and who subsequently supported my career as a Club Pro. My father instilled the importance of treating people in a way that you would want to be treated. And above all, be honest.

What career path led you to where you are today?
When I left high school in 1967, I worked as a reservation agent for CP Air. After being in an office 8 hours a day, I quickly realized that this was not for me, and I sold my car, cashed in my pension, and ventured into golf.

Which significant accomplishments are you most proud of?
One...having a successful and happy marriage. Two...being a good parent to my 3 children. Three...I think I have earned the respect of my peers.

If you had to share one piece of advice with a new member of our Association, what would it be?
One...don't be driven by money, it will come if you work hard. Two...set your goals and stick to them.

What is your most cherished golf memory?
Playing in a CPGA event in Mexico where I met a lovely young lady who was a very good golfer, and who would later become my wife and the mother of my children.

What is your favourite golf course in British Columbia, and why?
McCleery. Every hole is different. It's easy to walk. Always in good shape. You use every club in the bag.

What is a common misconception that golfers make about what your job entails?
I believe most golfers think that we just stand  behind the counter and greet people.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We have integral participation in the greens and grounds committees, the match committees, the Mens and Ladies Clubs, the suppliers, and of course we need to deal with staffing issues.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that doesn't involve golf?
Every day I do the Expert level of Suduko and do the NY Times Crossword.

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