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BIO: -2 Time Ontario Junior Champion (1995, 1996) -2 Time Canadian Junior Champion (1996, 1998) -Graduated from Stanford University on golf scholarship-BA Psychology/Economics '02 -Member of 2002 NCAA Runner Up Team -Competed in 2003 US Women's Open -Former Assistant Women's Golf Coach at Stanford University 7 PROFESSIONAL VICTORIES INCLUDE: - 2006 LPGA Futures Tour Players Champion (Major Championship) -2 Time Winner on CN Canadian Women's Tour in 2006 -2007 Canadian PGA Champion -Champion on 2011 Honda Hero Tour in India

Why did you become a PGA of Canada Professional?
Golf has always been in my blood, even when I tried hard to shake it and pursue other pathways and careers, I still ended back here at golf.  Teaching has become a big part of who I am , and redefined my contribution to the game.  I love teaching the hardest game in the world to people that have no idea what they are getting themselves into. 

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of the PGA of BC?
Being able to meet and work with so many unique individuals at all the different facilites.  

At which golf facility did you first begin working within the industry, and who was the PGA Professional?
Riverway Golf Course, Hal Eremko and Sean Spottiswood

Who has influenced your career the most, and how?
 I would have to say my late coach, Leo Zampedro, has indirectly influenced my passion and love for teaching. He is the one that got me into the game and he poured his heart and soul into me, so I am trying to do the same for my students. 

What career path led you to where you are today?
I was a player first and foremost, had many health challenges starting at the age of 17. Despite that, I pursued a professional career for 8 years, and was finally forced to stop.   At the time, fortuitously I was offered a job as the Assistant Coach at my alma mater, Stanford University.  I coached for 3 years, and then had the itch and wanted no regrets, so returned to playing but my health didnt hold up, and then had to make more decisions of what to do. All paths led me back to golf!

Which significant accomplishments are you most proud of?
Becoming Head Coach of the Women's National Team was a super special moment for me just a few short weeks ago.  It is the culmination of my entire golf story.

If you had to share one piece of advice with a new member of our Association, what would it be?
Figure out what your passion is in the profession and chase it. I knew from very early that being a Head Professional wasn't in my blood. 

What is your most cherished golf memory?
 I would have to say winning tournaments in front of my family was pretty special.  They all (parents and brothers included) sacrificed so much for me to be able to do what I loved. So being able to win some big events in front of them was really special (especially now when looking back)

What is your favourite golf course in British Columbia, and why?
I would have to say Squamish Valley.  I have only played it a couple times, but there is something charming about the tree lined fairways and small greens, tucked into the beautiful mountainsides of Squamish. 

What is a common misconception that golfers make about what your job entails?
When playing it was the glamour that was misconceived, now when teaching its the idea that we get the chance to play lots of golf.  I can probably count on both my hands the number of rounds I have played in 3 years!

What is an interesting fact about yourself that doesn't involve golf?
Ive never actually kept count, but my love of travel has taken  me to over 50 countries. 

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