Richard Chlopan

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Head Professional
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Born Regina Saskatchewan February 7, 1965 Graduate University of Saskatchewan. BA Economics: Fall 1986 Graduate SanDiego Golf Academy. Diploma Golf Complex Operations and Mgmt. Fall 1989 Entered BCPGA as Assistant Professional in Spring of 1990: Kelowna Golf and Country Club: Irvin Taylor: HP Joined team as Assistant Pro spring 1991: Predator Ridge Golf Resort: Sandy Kurceba: HP Joined team as Assistant Pro spring 1994: Quail Ridge Golf Club: Hall Thomlinson, Wayne Vollmer, Doug Herron: HP's, David O'Connor: GM Obtained Class Status with BCPGA in Fall 1996: Became Associate Professional in 1996: Quail Ridge Golf Club: Doug Herron: HP Joined Team as Associate Pro Spring 1997: Kelowna Springs Golf Club: John Jacoby: HP Became PGA of BC Head Golf Professional and Assistant General Manager: Kelowna Springs Golf Club: spring 2006: Ian Robertson: Owner/General Manager: moved to Victoria, BC, June 2015 Currently employed as an Associate Professional at the Royal Colwood Golf Club, Victoria, BC. Became Head Professional at Royal Colwood Golf Club, March. 2019.