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2022 Education Series #3 -- Kyla Inaba "Community-building through Your Academy and Professional Network"

Apprentice Professional Kyla Inaba explains the importance of community building within your academy and professional network while sharing insight on how a productive network can be achieved.

2022 Education Series #3 -- Conner Kozak "Developing Today's Junior Golfers"

Coaching and developing today’s junior golfers can present several challenges along with common misconceptions. How can we effectively learn to nurture and encourage junior golfers to take the next step with their game? Apprentice Professional Conner Kozak explains...

2022 Education Series #3 -- Kevin MacDonald "The Upside of Down"

Principal of Charity Success Coaching LTD., Kevin MacDonald shares insights on the mental side of coaching golf and how to adapt and overcome negative situations, shifting them into a positive.

2022 Education Series #2 -- Padraic O'Rourke & Jeff Palmer, "Advancing Your Career"

In this stop of the Education Series, Padraic O'Rourke and Jeff Palmer have a discussion about how to advance your career as a PGA Professional. They touch on ways to grow your professional network, knowing your audience, and finding the right position for yourself.

2022 Education Series #2 -- Doug Hastie, "Setting Up a Course for a Tournament"

In this Education Series video, Doug Hastie is back with a presentation on how to set up a golf course for a tournament. He touches on many subjects including GUR, OB, hole locations and other important rules for tournament play.

2022 Education Series #2 -- Mark Bicknell, "Teaching Outside the Box"

PGA of Canada "Class A" Professional Mark Bicknell shares his strategy on teaching outside of the box at the February 1st Education Series event.

2022 Education Series #1 -- Derek Orr, "Serving a Surge of New Golfers"

The golf industry has never been busier… now what? This session will cover golfer retention and creativity within the BC golf landscape, including emerging offerings to keep new golfers engaged in our game, using Orr's recently established Iron & Wood Golf Simulators as a case study.

2022 Education Series #1 -- Trevor West, Mark Thirtle & Scott Kolb, "An Analytical Approach to Pro Shop Merchandising"

Many golf retail outlets miss out on an opportunity to maximize their bottom lines by failing to effectively factor their sales figures into their merchandising philosophy. This panel discussion will explore ways to combine sales data with retailer intuition to increase profitability. Panelists include 2018 Lower Mainland Golf Professional of the Year Mark Thirtle, 2013 PGA of Canada Pat Fletcher Retailer of the Year Scott Kolb, and Trevor West of Sandpiper Golf Club, which was named the Lower Mainland's Golf Shop of the Year Award recipient in 2021.

2022 Education Series #1 -- Tim Wilson, "Improving Players by Process"

Tim Wilson shares his process, 20-plus years in the making, for improving any student. Whether a new or recurring; assessing limitations, identifying learning styles, creating tiered goals, are a few of the things Wilson uses in his process. Once you have a blueprint of a student it becomes easier to continue understanding and retention. Wilson's goal has always been to present information in a way that a student gains ownership of that knowledge, and in this session he shares some of the ways he approaches teaching the game and with purpose to improve your students.

2021 Education Series #10 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Jason Giesbrecht

As an industry expert in the use of technology to optimize player performance, The Golf Performance Project's Jason Giesbrecht strives to innovate new strategies to simplify complex ideas about the game of golf and communicate these ideas in simple and easy-to-understand terms -- both for players and fellow coaches. In this workshop, he will share some of these strategies and how they can benefit Golf Professionals and their clients alike.

2021 Education Series #9 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson is known to many members as a past PGA of BC Professional, having spent several years as a Teaching Professional at facilities in the Interior and Kootenay regions. In 2015, he was selected by his peers as the Provincial Recipient of the PGA of BC's Alvie Thompson Teacher of the Year Award. Johnson's expertise as an award-winning instructor and coach has been extremely valuable in his current role as a caddie on the LPGA Tour. Now with significant experience to draw from handling the bag on tour, Johnson will share some of his takeaways as a caddie that have applications for the club-based Golf Professional.

2021 Education Series #7 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- John Randle

Each golfer strives to have a square clubface at impact but may take a different route to get there. Instructors will often see high-handicappers leaving the face open in the backswing, which requires compensatory movements to return the face to square when contacting the ball. In this workshop, three-time PGA of BC Alvie Thompson Teacher of the Year Award recipient John Randle will help illustrate the mechanisms players use to return to square at impact and how to work with each individual’s tendencies to encourage a more effective move back to the ball.

2021 Education Series #6 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Jeff Palmer 

Do you wish to "lean into your values" to help set a clear direction for your team? In these difficult times, leaders need a compass now more than ever. In this workshop, Highland Pacific Golf's Executive Professional leads a dialogue on how identifying your core values -- and finding common values among your team -- can create synergy and high performance. Viewers are tasked with an exercise to determine what values would be important to them when founding a new organization or team.

2021 Education Series #5 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- "Industry Empowerment: Impacts & Experiences for Women Working in Golf" (panel discussion)

With a wealth of experiences in golf serving a variety of roles, the panelists for this discussion -- Canadian Golf Hall of Fame member Gail Graham, PGA of Alberta Professionals Tiffany Gordon and Judy Forshner, and moderator Cindy Soukoroff of St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino -- have thrived throughout their careers within a male-dominated industry. Drawing upon their expertise from their decades around the game, the panelists will examine the importance of empowering women within our industry and the lasting positive impacts that can result.

2021 Education Series #4 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Clay Stothers

The Okanagan Golf Club's director of instruction and head coach of the UBCO Heat golf teams investigates swing sequencing and match-ups using real-world examples with Heat players, junior golfers and more.

2021 Education Series #2 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Golf & Public Health panel: Steve Haggard, Bill Kelly & Drew Scollon, moderated by Greg Pool

The 2020 season brought an unprecedented set of challenges as facilities needed to adapt to serving customers in the midst of a pandemic, as well as accommodate a major increase in demand for our sport. With COVID-19 concerns persisting into 2021, Northview Golf & Country Club Head Professional Greg Pool leads a panel discussion about approaches to public health and golf across the province.

2021 Education Series #1 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Nick Starchuk

Ontario-based PGA of Canada Professional Nick Starchuk examines how the putting stroke can be analyzed using technology from Foresight Sports and Capto, and how he uses those tools to help students find success on the greens. 

2020 Education Series #3 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Myles Johnson, "Building a Junior Culture at Your Club"

Myles Johnson's first experiences with golf came as a junior member at Vernon's Hillview Golf Course. Now Hillview's Head Professional, Johnson discusses how making juniors a priority at the par-56 facility has been the focus for decades, and details the initiatives that helped him earn the 2019 PGA of BC Community Leadership Bursary.

2020 Education Series #3 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Clay Stothers, "Overcoming Challenges in Instruction"

Why can it be so difficult for students to implement what instructors are teaching them? Acclaimed coach and Okanagan Golf Club Director of Instruction Clay Stothers looks at how to overcome some of those challenges, including by creating new ones for students.

2020 Education Series #3 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Sian Flanagan, "The Anatomy of Performance"

Founder of The Business of You, Sian Flanagan introduces viewers to her Vibrant Living Lifestyle Model and how it leads to optimized performance in the workplace, on the golf course and in everyday life.

Click here to follow along with presentation slides.

Learn more about the services and and insights Sian offers through The Business of You.

Please be advised of some instances of audio spikes and interference during this presentation.

2020 Education Series #2 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Greg Pool, "Top 10 Skills & Traits Every Golf Professional Should Have"

Northview Golf & Country Club's Head Professional leads a group discussion and introduces expertise from industry leaders to look at the qualities of a consummate Golf Professional.

**Please note this presentation is truncated due to technical issues, and includes some instances of audio interference. Presentation volume is varied to enhance the viewing experience, with subtitles provided where needed. Omitted content is referenced with presentation slides at the video's conclusion. Click here for complete presentation slides to follow along.

2020 Education Series #2 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Lindsay Benard, "Today's Competitive Advantage: Attitudes that Drive the Customer Experience"

Senior Corporate Trainer for Dale Carnegie Training of British Columbia, Lindsay Benard examines the attitudes that can foster excellent customer-service experiences for patrons. This session builds upon her previous 2020 Education Series presentation on customer-service skills.

CLICK HERE to access presentation worksheets to follow along. 

2020 Education Series #2 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Robert Ratcliffe, "Competitive Athlete Development"

The five-time recipient of the PGA of BC's Jack Westover Coach of the Year Award shares his experiences tailoring development plans for elite competitors as head coach of Golf Canada's Junior Men's national team.

2020 Education Series #1 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Laird White, "Fitting Top Talent: Experiences on Tour"

The Golf Performance Project Teaching Professional shares his expertise from his role with Honma in fitting equipment for top-level players like Justin Rose and Bernhard Langer. 


2020 Education Series #1 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Lindsay Benard, "Today's Competitive Advantage: Skills that Drive the Customer Experience"

Lindsay Benard, Senior Corporate Trainer with Dale Carnegie Training of British Columbia, examines strategies to make meaningful connections with patrons to provide excellent customer-service interactions.

2020 Education Series #1 presented by Foresight Sports Canada -- Doug Hastie, "Introduction & Overview of World Handicap System"

British Columbia Golf's Senior Manager of Field Operations provides a detailed look at the new handicapping system implemented on Jan. 1, 2020.

CLICK HERE to view accompanying presentation slides in a new window. 

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