Class “A” Transfers from Other Countries

The PGA of Canada accepts direct Class “A” transfers from the PGA of America, Britain, France and Australia. Anyone transferring must provide the Zone office with proof of current Class “A” status, proof of employment in Canada and all contact information. This information is then forwarded to the Membership Co-ordinator at the National Office, who will send an invoice to the new member.

PGA transfer requests from any other country or LPGA transfer requests are to be examined on a case-by-case basis by the National Office.

Note: PGA of America does allow Class “A” transfers from Canada, Britain, New Zealand and Australia, however, the transfer applicant must first complete and pass a "Test Out" exam. This exam is based on the material from PGA of America's required education program. It is very difficult to pass this exam, unless the applicant purchases and studies the course material. If the applicant fails, then they must complete all the Apprentice requirements.

Candidates For Membership Wanting to Transfer from Other Countries

The PGA of Canada does not accept the transfer of Candidates for Membership from Professional Golfers' Associations of other countries. The only component of the training that is transferable is formal education. All other components of the PACE program must be completed.

Members Transferring From One Zone to Another

A Member or Candidate for Membership accepting a position in, or moving to another Zone must notify both Zone offices immediately of such change. The former Zone shall transfer all membership information including application forms concerning the Member or Candidate for Membership to the new Zone. The new Zone must send National Office (Membership Co-ordinator) documentation about the transfer. National office records and database will be updated and, if applicable, a refund or invoice will be generated.

The Member or Candidate for Membership transferring shall be subject to all requirements of membership and shall furnish such information as may be requested by the Zone Board of his/her new Zone. Upon meeting such qualification and supplying such information he/she shall be subject to such privileges of membership  as his/her category allows.

If a Member or Candidate for Membership transfers from one Zone to another after June 30th in any year, no difference in Zone dues between the two Zones shall be charged or credited to the Member or Candidate for Membership transferring. Any difference in dues will be charged or credited only if the transfer is made prior to June 30th of any year.

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