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Looking to fill an open position at your facility with a PGA of Canada member? Our Careers page is only accessible to members, and will assist in streamlining your employee search.

Posting a job on the PGA of BC website is a complimentary service available to facilities and recruiters as a means of seeking applicants to fill positions at golf facilities.

Job Posting Criteria

Postings must include an application closing date – if one is not listed, the Association reserves the right to list the closing date 30 days from the date of posting. The posting will not be removed prior to this date.

Compensation must be listed (reasonable ranges are accepted). Subject to Board of Directors review, the poster will be notified if the standard minimum compensation is not met.

If you are still seeking a suitable candidate by the initial application closing date, please notify the PGA of BC Administration Office if you would like to extend the submission window up to a maximum of 30 days. Old postings will not be saved and will be otherwise removed once the listed closing date has passed.

Please note that career opportunities will not be removed prior to the listed closing date even if the position has already been filled. 

Job Posting Distribution

  • A notice of each new opportunity will be published in the PGA of BC’s weekly newsletter 
  • Positions will be posted on the Careers page on the PGA of BC website (note that this page is only accessible by PGA of BC members)
  • All positions will also be forwarded to our national office to be included on the PGA of Canada's job board, where it is visible to all PGA of Canada members
  • The PGA of BC reserves the right to refuse any position posting deemed inappropriate. The PGA of BC does not edit position postings and is not responsible for errors within the information received from the poster.

Please submit all postings to PGA of BC Membership & Events Manager Doug Titterington at

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