RECAP: 'Awesome' group takes in Spring Education Seminar

PGA Tour coach Jeff Smith takes the stage Monday at Tsawwassen Springs during the PGA of BC Spring Education Seminar presented by ESI Industries. The Course Kings founder delivered one of four excellent presentations taken in by 150 attendees during the two-day event. 

FEBRUARY 11, 2020

DELTA, BC (PGA of British Columbia) – With 150 Golf Professionals and guests keenly focused on his presentation Monday, PGA Tour coach Jeff Smith left the PGA of BC’s 2020 Spring Education Seminar presented by ESI Industries impressed by Association members’ desire to learn.

Smith delivered the first of four outstanding presentations during the PGA of BC’s signature professional-development event held Monday and Tuesday at Tsawwassen Springs, sharing some of the insights that have quickly made him a sought-after commodity in the golf-instruction industry.

“It’s awesome to see a group this big,” Smith said after wrapping up his time on stage Monday. “It’s hard to find this volume of impassioned instructors and coaches who are willing to seek information and improve their skill set. They were very interactive and I could tell they were engaged.

“It makes you feel amazing to be able to come to a place like this and interact with these kind of folks in our profession.”

Smith, also the founder of the online-instruction platform Course Kings, presented on both the effects of swing changes and how speed is changing the game. As a coach who feels he’s benefitted from the sharing of ideas amongst a new generation of golf instructors, Smith said he takes great satisfaction in being able to do the same for his industry peers.

“Golf instruction is not a zero-sum game, which means that you don’t have to lose for me to win,” said Smith. “Everybody can get better. There are plenty of bad golfers out there.

“The industry has given me a lot of opportunity, it allows me to make a great living and it allows me to go to work and enjoy what I do every single day. This is my way of saying ‘Thank you’ and giving back to an industry that has been so good to me.”

Monday’s program also featured GGA Partners director George Pinches, who drew on his wealth of experience as a club manager and executive search consultant to detail hiring practices and ethics within the golf industry.

Tuesday began with a jolt thanks to Glen Daman, owner of 10th Degree Consulting. Daman’s high-energy presentation took attendees through his 10th Degree Life method, which has been a game-changer for business leaders and professional athletes with its focus on physical, mental, emotional and professional mastery.

Wrapping things up on Tuesday was Will Robins, CEO of Robins Golf Logistix (RGX), who encouraged attendees to shift their mindset from teaching to coaching. Robins, who mentors fellow PGA Professionals across North America on how to transform their instruction businesses with staggering results, shared real-world examples of how his coaching program has led to huge increases in lesson revenues for those who have implemented it.

Tsawwassen Springs, which hosted the event for the third consecutive year and fourth in the last five, was once again a tremendous venue for the Spring Education Seminar. The Association would like to thank host Head Professional Danny Long and the entire staff at the facility for their hospitality.

The PGA of BC would also like to thank ESI Industries for its generous support of the event as exclusive presenting sponsor and its significant presence throughout the two-day seminar.

Members are reminded that further professional-development opportunities are upcoming across the province via the PGA of BC Education Series presented by Foresight Sports Canada, including events in Victoria and Kelowna next month. Visit the PGA of BC Schedule of Events page for full details.



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