Several successful at Rivershore Playing Ability Test

Mayson Grunewald (Dawson Creek Golf & Country Club, left) and Min Woo Kim (Swan-E-Set Bay Country Club) were among a large group of applicants to the PGA of Canada who were successful in meeting Playing Ability Test target scores Wednesday at Rivershore Golf Links.

JUNE 17, 2020

KAMLOOPS, BC (PGA of British Columbia) -- Eleven of 17 particpants were successful in meeting 18-hole target scores during Wednesday's PGA of BC Playing Ability Test held at Rivershore Golf Links, the first to be conducted nationally under the PGA of Canada's new testing format. 

Under the format newly introduced for 2020, each participant has a target score to meet based upon their age and gender to satisfy the PGA of Canada's playing ability requirements. For men and women aged 49 and under, the target score is calculated by adding nine and 13 strokes to the course rating, respectively. For men and women aged 50-plus, the target score is determined by adding 11 and 15 strokes, respectively.  

Congratulations to the following individuals who met their target scores during Wednesday's PAT:

  • Min Woo Kim (Swan-E-Set Bay Country Club) 
  • Zach Pichor (Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club)
  • Bernie Xu (Par-Tee Golf)
  • Gagan deep Ghotra (Golf Town - South Surrey)
  • Miao (Lincoln) Li - (Fraserview Golf Academy)
  • Mayson Grunewald (Dawson Creek Golf & Country Club) 
  • Ruel Perez (Modern Golf Vancouver)
  • Christopher Webster (Furry Creek Golf & Country Club)
  • Johnny Nguyen (Eaglequest Golf Centre at Coquitlam)
  • Leo Jing Shen Zheng (Richmond Driving Range)
  • Yi Liu (Furry Creek Golf & Country Club)

Each of the successful applicants have now taken an important step towards obtaining membership within the PGA of Canada. 

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Further PAT opportunities scheduled in British Columbia for 2020 will take place July 14 at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort and Sept. 3 at Meadow Gardens Golf Club. Applicants may click here to access the PGA of Canada PAT schedule and register for an available test. Those interested in applying to join the PGA of Canada can do so via


For more information, please contact: 

Eric MacKenzie
Communications & Marketing Manager, PGA of BC
(604) 303-6766