2017 Pacific Links Bear Mountain Championship - PGA TOUR Champions - Event Qualifying

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Jordan Ray


Bear Mountain Golf Resort - Valley Course
1999 Country Club Way
Victoria, BC V9B 6R3

  • Exempt for Event Qualifier: $100
  • Current Associate Member of the PGA TOUR Champions or PGA of America or Canada Member or Apprentice: $150
  • Professional or Amateur, unattached: $200
  • An additional $20.00 insurance fee is required from non-members of the PGA
(Players successful in qualifying for the Event Qualifier through the Pre-Event Qualifier shall not be subject to an additional entry fee)
  • PGA TOUR Champions /PGA TOUR/ Web.com Tour Veteran Member
  • Winners of PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions or Web.com Tournaments
  • Winners on the European Tour or European Sr. Tour Exempt from Pre-Qualifier
  • Finished within top-75 on 2016 PGA Champions Official Money List
  • Players who have earned $1,000,000 or more on PGA TOUR Champions
  • Players who Pre-Q and EQ for an Event in the same week will be exempt for the rest of the year
  • Finished within top 30 & ties from 2016 Champions Tour National Qualifying Tournament

Each Event Qualifier will be conducted at 18 holes of stroke play. A maximum of the low four (4) scorers from the Event Qualifier will gain entry into the Official Tournament in accordance with applicable PGA TOUR Champions policies and procedures. There will be no alternates from the Event Qualifier. A Sudden-Death playoff will commence immediately following play in the event of ties to determine the qualifying positions. The number of Event Qualifier spots available (if less than (4) (four) will be posted prior to the commencement of play of the Event Qualifier.

Note 1: Top Ten Advance Category: If not otherwise exempt into the field at the commitment deadline, a maximum of one player finishing in 10th place or tied for 10th place in the immediately preceding event will advance into the next PGA TOUR Champions, full-field cosponsored event, reducing Event Qualifying spots by one (1).

Note 2: Should any combination of players added to the field from Section A.1 (e) (Major Medical), section A.1(k)
(Tournament Winners), section A.1 (k) (All-Time Victories), and/or section A.1 (m) (World Golf Hall of Fame Members) of the PGA TOUR Champions Tournament Regulations cause the tournament field to exceed 81 players, an Event Qualifying spot, then a restricted sponsor exemption, will be reduced in alternating order.

Note 3: In the event that tournaments are scheduled in successive weeks, any player who played in the preceding week’s PGA TOUR Champions event shall be eligible for the Event Qualifier on the Monday or Tuesday immediately following.
Entries: Deadline for receipt of entries by eligible players for the Event Qualifier shall be 5:00p.m. (local tournament site time) on the Friday preceding the Event Qualifier. All players must enter by the applicable deadline. No phone entries will be accepted. Faxes and on-line entries can be accepted at the discretion the respective Section.


September 8th, 2017 at 5:00pm PST

Proof of Age: Players who enter either the Pre-Qualifier or Event Qualifier must be prepared to provide conclusive proof of age as deemed acceptable to the PGA TOUR Champions (e.g., certified copy of birth certificate) with the application.  The PGA Section shall be responsible for verifying that entrants for the Pre-Qualifier are age 50 and over.


Tee Time to begin at 8:00am PST


Players: While on the host facility property, players shall present a neat appearance in both clothing and grooming. Clothing worn by players shall be consistent with acceptable golf fashion. Blue jeans, shorts and/or cutoffs and T-shirts are considered inappropriate.

Caddies: While on the host facility property, caddies may wear either long pants or tailored solid coloured knee length shorts or skorts. Blue jeans, cutoffs, and T-shirts or shirts with no cooar shall not be worn. Smooth rubber sole shoes are required. Golf shoes with traditional metal or soft spikes are prohibited.

Players and Caddies shall conform to the host facility's appearance policies while onsite during any practice round.

PGA TOUR Champions Tournament Regulations prohibit the use of cellular phones during competition.


Event Qualifier Draw To Be Announced


Please call the Golf Shop (250.744.2327) at Bear Mountain Golf Resort to reserve a time on the Valley Course for Monday, September 11, 2017. 


Upon arrival please proceed to registration. Immediately after play please remember to proceed to the designated scoring area and submit your scorecard.


In keeping with current PGA TOUR Champions Policy at its Official Tournaments, players are permitted to use golf carts during the Event Qualifier and Pre-Qualifier, unless conditions dictate otherwise by PGA TOUR Champions Staff on-site. Players are not required to have a caddie but have the option to have one should they elect. A player may also walk and carry his clubs or use a manual or electric pull cart.


Any reduction or cancellation in the respective Qualifying events shall be in accordance with Reduction/Cancellation Guidelines as found in the PGA TOUR Champions Player Handbook and Tournament Regulations. In the event that the Event Qualifier and/or Pre-Qualifier is canceled without any player having been able to play, all entry fee and insurance will be refunded. In the event the Event Qualifier and/or Pre-Qualifier is canceled after play has begun, all entry fees will be refunded, minus the $20 insurance fee, if any, and a $25 administrative charge. PGA TOUR Champions reserves the right to change the format, venue(s), qualifying spots and other criteria as presently contemplated.


Note: Event Qualifying contestants MUST use equipment which conforms to the Condition of Competition for Groove Specifications (see below). This condition shall NOT apply to Pre-Qualifying

Event Qualifying contestants MUST use equipment which conforms to the Condition of Competition for Groove Specifications as implemented in the PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions and Web.com Tour Local Rules and Conditions of Competition (Hard Card).  This condition shall NOT apply to Pre-Qualifying.  The complete specifications for grooves in elite competitions along with a public database listing conformity of many clubs can be found at USGA.org (click on Equipment > Conforming Lists > Informational Club Database) or by contacting the USGA Equipment Standards Department at (908) 234-2300.  Players should confirm that their equipment conforms to the new specifications well in advance of the competition and should be aware that conforming equipment must be used in Event Qualifying, even if a player is successful in pre-qualifying with non-conforming grooves.

If, before the competition, a player has doubt as to the conformity of a club, PGA Section officials will attempt to determine the status of the club(s), but play will not be delayed in doing so.  There will be no on-site field testing for groove conformity at Event Qualifying.  If the club (s) in question is not listed on the public database listing conformity of clubs, the club shall not be used in the competition.  In the event that it is discovered that a player’s club(s) do not conform after the close of the competition, the provisions of Rule 34 of the Rules of Golf shall apply.