PGA of BC Education Series #2

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
10:00AM - 2:00PM
Victoria Golf Club
1110 Beach Dr
Victoria, BC V8S 2M9
Registration Fee:
PGA of BC Members: $29.00 + GST
Non-Members: $59.00* + GST *Please note that all Guests must be sponsored by a PGA of BC Class "A" Member in order to attend.
Registration Deadline:
Thursday February 2nd (4:00PM)
Available PDP Points:
4 Points
Dress Code: 
Golf Casual
9:30AM: Registration Opens
10:00AM - 11:00AM: JOHN RANDLE, Improving a Student's Swing - Where to Start, Teaching Professional, Morningstar Golf Club
11:00AM - 12:15PM: JORDAN RAY, Hosting a PGA TOUR Event on 4 Months’ Notice, Director of Golf, Bear Mountain Golf Resort
12:15PM - 1:00PM: Lunch Served (Included)
1:00PM- 2:00PM: ARLEN WOCKNITZ, Building a Sustainable Instruction Business, Director of Instruction, Victoria Golf Club

1. JOHN RANDLE, Teaching Professional, Morningstar Golf Club

Topic: Improving a Student's Swing - Where to Start

This seminar will help golf professionals develop or refine their approach to helping students with their swings and short game techniques.  Knowing where to start with a student is essential to giving your clients immediate and long lasting improvement.

  • John's Four Keys of a Consistent Swing
  • How to correctly identify the cause of impact problems
  • Time tested ways to successfully make changes after the correct diagnosis
  • The role of technology is the learning process

2. JORDAN RAY, Director of Golf, Bear Mountain Golf Resort

Topic: Hosting a PGA TOUR Event on 4 Months Notice

  • Things we learnt from working with the PGA TOUR, The Golf Channel, a Title Sponsor and 600 volunteers.
  • Inside the ropes and post golf stories from having the PGA TOUR Champions Players with us for the event.

3. ARLEN WOCKNITZ, Director of Instruction, Victoria Golf Club

Topic: Building a Sustainable Instruction Business

  • Introduction and History of VGC Academy
    • Where we started and how it has progressed
  • Building repeat clientele and ideas to retain clients
    • Building relationships, building individual plans, follow up
  • Building sustainable/repeatable adult programming
    • Education, branding, individual and group plans, value
  • Junior programming and creating pathways
    • Ways to improve your program attendance
    • Ways to market and advertise your programs
  • Show improvement


  1. Arlen Wocknitz, Victoria Golf Club
  2. John Randle, Mornignstar Golf Club
  3. Jordan Ray, Bear Mountain Golf Resort
  4. Andrew Hajer, Mount Brenton Golf Club
  5. Justin Ford, Bear Mountain Golf Resort
  6. Gordon Mink, Golf Town - Langley
  7. Justin Fram, Victoria Golf Club
  8. Lindsay Bernakevitch, Victoria Golf Club
  9. Gina Hosie, Victoria Golf Club
  10. Cari Chow, Ardmore Golf Course
  11. Matthew Cella, Olympic View Golf Club
  12. Jayme Young, Arbutus Ridge Golf & Country Club
  13. Brad Simpson, Arbutus Ridge Golf & Country Club
  14. Richard Ingle, Arbutus Ridge Golf & Coutnry Club
  15. Axle Riley, Highland Pacific Golf Club
  16. Brian Hann, Cordova Bay Golf Club
  17. Warren Reeves, Highland Pacific Golf Club
  18. Jeff Dinn, Pheasant Glen Golf Resort
  19. Bill Kelly, Glacier Greens Golf CLub
  20. Jason Giesbrecht, Royal Colwood Golf Club
  21. Brad Liptrot, Royal Colwood Golf Club
  22. Scott Kolb, Victoria Golf Club
  23. Michelle McCann, Uplands Golf Club
  24. Gordy Scutt, Olympic View Golf Club
  25. Jeff Palmer, Ardmore Golf Course
  26. Winston Michell, Victoria Golf Club
  27. Eric Wang, Victoria Academy of Golf
  28. Evan Webber, Crown Isle Resort & Golf Community