Alec Hubert

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Head Professional
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Alec is now at Kamloops Golf & Country Club. Originally from the small town of Pembroke, Ontario Alec brings several years experience to the golf industry and a keen interest in all aspects of the game. After receiving a degree in Public Administration from the University of Ottawa, Alec went on to work as an Assistant Professional at The Royal Ottawa Golf Club. He spent five seasons at The Royal Ottawa where he was able to learn from many highly experienced golf instructors. Alec has just recently made the move to Kamloops after two season at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. Alec looks forward to lending his insight to others as they try to improve their golf games. Accomplishments --> Received a NCAA golf scholarship to Gardner-Webb University. --> Named the 2011 Assistant Pro of the Year in the Ottawa Valley PGA Zone. --> Received Class A status in 2013. --> Order of Merit Champion in 2014 & 2015 on the Kootenay Pro Series.